The Books I loved ( Update: September 2018 – December 2018 )

Wow! 2018 is over for good? The past year has been the most traumatizing year of my life. Being bound to the four walls half the time and spending the remaining in not so exciting places weren't something I preferred. Anyways, like always books, podcasts and music came to rescue me from the frustrating reality.... Continue Reading →

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The Withering Life

I got three days to live and I need to be beautiful. I need to stay appealing to everyone around me. They will help me be but they won't need me after these three days. I will be replaced with not much thought. They might replace me with my sisters or may be even others.... Continue Reading →

The Yearly Illusion

Every new year comes with an optimistic resolution. Obviously, we are all good in hoping. We, Homo-sapiens look out for every opportunity to be optimistic. All I wish is that, it will be great if new year wasn’t the only option. We all feel extremely motivated and evidently optimistic about the coming year with so... Continue Reading →

Let me be the last

I could finally feel myself. I never realised how much pain it would cause until I had experienced it. The physical pain was nothing when compared to the mental ache. I wanted to leave that place, but not this way. I really didn’t want to get forced out of my home, just because someone thought... Continue Reading →

A Library Love

“It was just six in the morning, even the sun was hesitant to rise. My roommates were in deep slumber. After all it was Sunday and they had no good reason to let go their beautiful sleep. That wasn’t the case for me. I was awake for 3 hours then. I couldn’t wait until the... Continue Reading →

She Was A Devil.

I knew she was screaming at me. She didn’t like that I slept at night. I knew she wouldn’t want me to. She likes talking to me all night about how pathetic I am and my life is. I didn’t want to give in to her, hence I forced myself back to sleep but she... Continue Reading →

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